Öppen Famn Second Hand

Humanitärt arbete på kristen grund

All vinst går till utsatta människor på flykt som är i behov av hjälp och stöd i Malmö med omnejd

Shop in Jägersro, Malmö

Öppen Famn SeCond Hand

All profits go to vulnerable people on the run who need help and support in the Malmö area.


With us you will find most of clothes, furniture and home furnishings. Visit us and find bargains that you need.

Our range varies and we can not guaranteeing that you will find it all at the same time, but you will often, chances are you'll find what you seek.



Upscale clothing need not be expensive. We offer clothing for all occasions, both everyday and special occasions. Here are the clothes you will not find anywhere else. Everything is quite, clean and at good prices. You can find jeans, leather jackets, sweaters and shirts, trousers, suits, dresses, boots, shoes, sportswear, casual clothing, rain gear and swimsuits. Everything you can imagine.


Decorate your home personal and tasteful with used furniture. The charm is there from the beginning and the fine patina into the bargain. We have everything from nearly new to really old. Modern intermingled with antique furniture in our department. It features elegant furnishings, functional and lovely 70-speakers. Plastic, glass and chrome interspersed with rustic oak, hardwood and fine old classic. You can find sofas, chairs and tables, beds, chairs and desks, dressers and lamps. The best part is that the range varies from day to day, as we replenish our range all the time.

Glass and porcelain

We get a lot of porcelain to the store, both old and new. Sometimes it can be a complete dinnerware and sometimes single parts. Both simple everyday glass and fine crystal glass, you can find with us.

Öppen Famn

Second Hand


Mån-Fre           10-18

Lör                    11-16

Sön                   11-16

(Värnhemstorget 9a

Stängt på Lördagar och Söndagar)

Hornyxegatan 4 har öppet på Lördagar och Söndagar 11-16


Öppen Famn Second Hand                   

Hornyxegatan 4

213 76 Malmö

Tel: 040-615 20 40

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